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The Career Development Center

November 18, 2011

Being a graduating Senior, I have begun to really utilize the Career Development Center on campus. Now I know what you’re thinking — yeah yeah we know it’s a useful too. BUT SERIOUSLY! If I had known that the CDC can hook my up with all the things I have been working on lately, I would have started going there my Sophomore year!

Internship Program
I have been working on and off campus since my freshman year. Little did I know that I could have gotten college credit for that work the whole time I was doing it! I was under the assumption that you have to pick from a select few unpaid internships for that to count, BUT NO! You can go out and get any job you want and so long as the supervisor is okay with filling out a couple evaluation forms, you’re golden! Seriously, you are silly if you don’t to it!

Start Smart Workshop
On Tuesday, my roommate Emily and I went to a Start Smart Workshop put on through the CDC. It was all about how to negotiate for better benefits and pay when you go out for interviews. It was full of tips and tricks like do not even discuss pay until you are actually offered the position. They showed us how important it is to do your industry research because that is a great way to prove you deserve a higher salary. Then we talked about starting salaries — how much you should expect starting out for your desired position and how to use your spending habits to determine a budget and how much you will need. They also discussed different communication and behavioral problems between men and women. For instance, men often expect themselves to start off making more and are not apprehensive when it comes to asking for a raise, therefore they usually get what they expect. Women, though, seem to have the notion of ‘if I am doing what they expect, they would offer me the raise when they can’. It is going to be so good to be aware of these differences and how to negotiate my salary when I graduate — now I’ll know how to make bank! I would highly suggest going to the next one.

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop
About 10 minutes ago, I have a consultation with Lauren Kavan in the CDC. She is also guiding me through the internship program. Lauren had some very helpful suggestions to improve my resume and cover letter to communicate my skills to their fullest potential. She is able to give a more objective and professional opinion. I am eager to find out how employers respond to my applications from here on out!

Morale of the story? Stop in to the CDC (Drew Science main floor) and just see what they have to offer you!


PS- Welcome to Piper Blogs Kendra!

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